Clients & Customers

Our Clients and Their Members

Our client organizations are numerous and diverse. We work with alumni associations from liberal arts, technical, undergraduate, graduate, community college, and professional schools. We also work with credit unions and their members. Our clients are large and small, and are located from coast to coast.

We take pride in being the oldest player in the alumni insurance field. Many of our associations have been clients for more than a quarter century, and we’ve cared for their insured alumni—our customers—the whole time. Those we’ve insured are just as diverse as the institutions with which they’re affiliated. Some have been covered for four decades, and others just 30 days. They’re 18 and 74 years old, and every age in between. They live in every state and on all but one continent. And there have been thousands of them.

We’re all about serving your members well, and we believe our service is a reason so many have come and stayed for so long. We hope you’ll read what our clients and customers have to say.