Advisory Services

Licensed insurance professionals available to answer questions

When a complicated insurance need arises, it can be difficult to find and compare products to provide adequate protection.

A licensed insurance professional is now available, at no charge, to answer questions and provide details on specific products.

  • Do you need term insurance to pay off a long term mortgage or other type of debt? Advisory Services can offer level term insurance for periods of 20, 25, or even 30 years.
  • Is there a special personal or business circumstance that requires an amount of life insurance in excess of $1 million? An advisor can help find a plan that fits your needs and guide you through the application process.
  • Do you have a health history or other life event that warrants an alternative approach to obtaining life insurance? An advisor can guide you through the options.
  • Are you in a rush to secure life insurance before a big trip? An advisor can help find a product with a quick approval process.
  • Do you have an unusual question about your insurability? An advisor can steer you to the right product - confidentially.
  • Are you hosting a wedding or other function that requires Special Event Insurance? An advisor can help you purchase liability and property coverage… just in case…

Reach an advisor at or 800-635-7801.

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We offer insurance products for all life stages, many with features and discounts not found elsewhere.

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