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March 2016
Zika Risk? Probably Not Covered by Your Travel Policy

A recent New York Times article shares the stories of many travelers, some pregnant, who were unable to qualify for refunds through their travel insurance policies.

Despite the fact that the World Health Organization declared Zika a "public health emergency" and urged expectant women to avoid visiting affected areas, not all travel insurance policies cover this situation. Both of our travel insurance partners, TII and TripAssure, offer Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR), which is the one benefit that would ensure coverage in the event of a cancellation.

TII and TripAssure each issued a warning for travelers, but would not cover a cancellation unless the CFAR benefit had been purchased. In the case of a pregnant traveler, both carriers would cover that cancellation claim under the standard policy if the pregnancy occurred after the policy was purchased, as pregnancy and issues with pregnancy are covered.

The moral of the story is that without CFAR coverage, a cancellation due to a health risk "warning" is not covered. If the destination is "quarantined" or a "travel ban" is issued, cancellation claims would be covered by M&A's Travel insurance partners under standard policies, with or without CFAR.

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July 2015
Coverage for New Graduates

With student health insurance coverage ending soon and new graduates moving away from their parents' coverage areas, the Class of 2015 may have concerns about their health insurance options following graduation.

June 2015
Telehealth Now Available via the Alumni Insurance Program

Don’t let getting sick spoil your workday or your travel plans. Your alma mater now offers telehealth memberships with special pricing for alumni. Through this program, you can consult with board-certified doctors via phone, video or email – no matter where you are or what time it is. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the road, telehealth provides access to quality care, quickly and affordably.

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April 2015
Spring Driving Tips

It can happen to anyone. You're driving along the road, when something happens unexpectedly and your car breaks down. It could be a mechanical issue, a pothole, an obstacle in the road, or even an animal. No matter what causes your car to break down, it's a scary experience, but one that you should be prepared for.

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March 2015
Long Term Care Insurance - A Perfect Fit?

Considering long term care insurance (LTC)? Coverage may not be out of reach. The Alumni Insurance Program now offers a new approach to LTC called Perfect Fit. With Perfect Fit, you select from a menu of features to find a plan with a premium you can afford.

Plan include key features at low price points, including:

  • Home Health Care - Benefits for care at home
  • Care Coordination - Help your family plan your care
  • Inflation Options - So benefits grow over time

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February 2015
Telehealth Now Available via the Alumni/ae Insurance Program

How many times have you been sick, wishing you didn’t have to drag yourself (or a loved one) to the doctor? Why spend money going to the doctor when you can access quality care by phone or video chat from your home or while on the road? Your Alumni/ae Insurance Program now offers telehealth— a simple, affordable way to meet your everyday healthcare needs.

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January 2015
Protect Your Family’s Finances

What if…you weren’t around to contribute to your household? What if…you left unpaid bills or other expenses for your family to handle? And what if they didn’t have the means to pay those bills, or even cover your funeral expenses?

If you haven’t reviewed your life insurance needs in a while, now is a good time to do so. Our Alumni/Alumnae Insurance Program offers products and tools to help.

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November 2014
Long Term Care Hybrids Provide More Options

The issue of long term care is becoming a national crisis as more of us are living longer with limited resources. Although statistics show that 7 in 10 Americans will require long term care at some point in life, 1 many people are reluctant to pay premiums for coverage unless they are certain they will use it.

As a result, hybrid policies have become a popular alternative. Policies that combine long term care (LTC) coverage with life insurance enable policyholders to draw on benefits should they need them, or pass them along as death benefits if they don’t.

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September 2014
Are You Covered?

Will you have health insurance next year? With Open Enrollment beginning in November, now is a good time to start thinking about your healthcare needs and what Open Enrollment means for you.

For some, the Affordable Care Act provides an opportunity to secure individual major medical health insurance that was previously out-of-reach. For others, the individual mandate – you must have coverage or pay a penalty – may seem daunting. Whatever your situation, if you don’t have coverage for 2015, you’ll need to report it on your tax return and pay a penalty.1

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July 2014
Class of 2014: Your Health Insurance May End Sooner Than You Think!

"Congratulations!” “What an achievement!" You’ll probably hear phrases like those quite a bit over the next couple of months…after all, you managed to survive your college years and earn that all-important degree! But you may also hear (or think) “Welcome to the real world!” When real-life issues like health insurance coverage come up, the Alumni/ae Association can offer some assistance.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that everyone have health insurance. Our Insurance Program offers health insurance options to fill the needs of many new alums who will be without coverage after graduation, whether due to the end of student health insurance, a lack of employment, or even under-employment. Parental policies may not be suitable after graduation due to cost or location outside a parent’s network coverage area. Don’t risk going without health insurance, even for a short time, while affordable and flexible ACA-compliant options are available through our new private health insurance exchange.

The Alumni/ae Insurance Program is a benefit for all graduates, and offers products for many stages of your life. The great news is that you can share this benefit: most products are available to alums and their family members, even if they didn’t attend your alma mater.

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April 2014
How to Digitally Archive Your Home

You never know when disaster might strike. Within minutes, a fallen tree, burst pipe, fire, or flood can ruin cherished or valuable goods. Keeping an archive of your belongings will accelerate the process of replacing damaged property. It will also help you make better decisions about the insurance coverage you need before a disaster strikes.

Follow these simple steps to archive your home:

  • Make a list of your possessions. The method doesn’t matter, as long as the list is thorough, well-organized, and kept in a safe place. Remember to adjust your files periodically, deleting items you’ve gotten rid of and adding any new purchases.
  • Photograph your living space and possessions. Use a digital camera or a smartphone to capture rare, important, and expensive items, both in close-up shots and in wider pictures that show their position in the room. You should also photograph each wall, as well as closets and drawers. Be sure to label your photographs clearly, so you can correctly identify which numbers or details belong to which item.
  • Store digital photos and inventory in a safe place. Once you’re finished, find a safe place to store your records. Make a copy of everything and store it away from your home. A bank’s safe deposit box is great for hard copies. For digital archives, online digital storage, backups, or cloud technology allow you to easily access or change your records.

Don’t put off this simple project; in the event that you need to make an insurance claim, you’ll be glad you took the time to document the possessions that are most important to you.

Liberty Mutual Auto, Home, and Renters insurance may be available through your alma mater’s Alumni/Alumnae Insurance Program at great rates. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

April 2014
Pet Insurance

Pet owners agree that we want to provide our dogs and cats with the best possible care, no matter what. But when accidents and illnesses occur unexpectedly, the costs can quickly run in to the hundreds—and even thousands—of dollars. Simply put, pet insurance is something that many pet parents cannot do without.

Pet insurance from Petplan is available through the Alumni Insurance Program. The coverage helps you pay unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ve got help covering the costs. Petplan policies are designed to provide the most comprehensive protection against unexpected vet bills for the best possible value. In addition to accidents and illnesses, Petplan offers full coverage for hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions.1 Additionally, Petplan provides a Covered for LifeTM guarantee, ensuring your pet will enjoy life-long pet insurance protection, providing you renew your policy each year without any lapse in coverage.

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March 2014
The Cost of Waiting: Consider Long Term Care Insurance Now

January 2014
Special Event Insurance

1Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage.

Long Term Care

LTC protects assets from serious erosion, while allowing access to quality care.

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