Pet Insurance

1 in 3 Pets Will Require Unexpected Veterinary Care Each Year

Your pets are your family and when it comes to their health and happiness, you do your best to keep them safe. Unfortunately, unexpected accidents, illnesses, and injuries can happen at any time. With veterinary costs on the rise, pet insurance can provide peace of mind so that should any unforeseen accidents occur, your pet—and your family budget—will be protected.

We’re proud to offer discounted pet health insurance from Petplan, America’s #1 rated pet insurance1, recommended by veterinarians, pedigree breeders, and pet owners across the U.S.

1. Ranked first by users at (reviews by independent pet owners across the United States).

Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance through your Alumni Insurance Program can provide up to $2 million of coverage

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Revenue earned through this program will help to support the alumni association.