Children's Life Insurance

Children’s life insurance protects insurability. Once insured, those covered by this plan can remain insured for life. Children can even increase their coverage at age 23, regardless of adverse changes in health. This coverage can also provide funds for a funeral.

When a parent is insured, each child age 15 days to 18 years can become insured for $10,000 and remain covered until age 23.1 All children are insured for one premium of just $3 per month…just 10 cents a day.

The parent who applies for children’s insurance is the beneficiary.

As long as the parent is also insured, children can remain covered until age 23. Then they can request an increase in their coverage to $25,000 or more. They may remain insured on their own as adults even if no parent remains covered.

1 A one-time offer will be made at age 23.

Children’s Life insurance is available in the United States (except Alaska, New York, Oregon, and Utah) territories and possessions.

This summary of Children’s Life insurance highlights its major features. Complete terms are governed by the group policy, issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166 to Collegiate Alumni Trust II. Details of policy provisions are in the Certificate provided to each person.

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