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Short Term Medical Insurance

A Temporary Healthcare Option, not compliant with the Affordable Care Act

Short Term Medical Insurance (STM) is cost-effective and flexible coverage designed to fill the temporary needs of those without insurance, including new graduates and the unemployed, when Open Enrollment for Individual Major Medical Insurance is not in effect, or a Special Enrollment Period does not apply. STM is not Individual Major Medical Insurance and does NOT comply with the Affordable Care Act. STM is intended for those who expect to have coverage through work, school, or another source soon. STM is usually much less expensive than other alternatives, such as COBRA. Applying is quick and easy.

If you’ve just graduated – medical insurance through your parental or school plan ends – as early as the day before graduation and often before new coverage begins through a job or graduate school.

If you’re between jobs – you may have lost your employee medical insurance.

Even if you’ll soon start a new job – medical insurance seldom starts on the first day.
That’s because most employers impose a “waiting period” of as much as several months.

Not sure if Short Term Medical Insurance is right for you? For more information about Individual Major Medical vs. Short Term Medical visit our comparison page.

Short Term Medical Insurance is currently unavailable in MA, NJ, NY and VT. Residents of those states should consider Individual Major Medical to bridge a temporary gap in coverage.

STM is not available in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

Short Term Medical Insurance products are underwritten and issued by a variety of carriers which vary by state, including Time Insurance Company (marketed as Assurant Health) or HCC Life Insurance Company (marketed as HCC Medical Insurance Services).

This Web site highlights the major features of Short Term Medical Insurance, but complete terms are governed by the insurance policy. In any case, all coverage required by your state is included.

Licensed Agents vary by state, see our Licensed Agents page for more information.

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