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Short Term Medical Insurance for MA, NJ, NY, and VT Residents

Due to various state insurance regulations, Short Term Medical Insurance (STM) is not available in MA, NJ, NY, or VT, but we have alternative coverage available in those states. Individual Major Medical Insurance can be used to fill a gap in coverage for people who cannot purchase Short Term Medical Insurance due to state residency or a chronic health condition.

Short Term Medical Insurance products are underwritten and issued by a variety of carriers which vary by state, including Time Insurance Company (marketed as Assurant Health) or HCC Life Insurance Company (marketed as HCC Medical Insurance Services).

This Web site highlights the major features of Short Term Medical Insurance, but complete terms are governed by the insurance policy. In any case, all coverage required by your state is included.

Licensed Agents vary by state, see our Licensed Agents page for more information.

Small Biz

Even small companies can now offer group health, dental, and vision insurance to employees.

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