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Short Term Medical Insurance

A Temporary Healthcare Option, Not Compliant with the Affordable Care Act

Perhaps you are between jobs, or waiting for your employer-sponsored coverage to kick in. STM is intended for those who expect to have ACA-compliant coverage soon.

Short Term Medical insurance (STM) is a quick, affordable, temporary solution that can fill that gap for you, so you’re not without health coverage during your transition.

Available Any Time of Year
Unlike major medical insurance, there are no enrollment period restrictions — you can buy STM whenever you want. (STM is not available if you live in NY, NJ, MA, or VT.)

Immediately Effective
Most STM plans take effect within 24 hours of your application. There is no waiting period. Or, you can pick a future start date if that’s better for you.

Often, STM is significantly less expensive than ACA-compliant major medical health insurance.

A large range of plans is available, and can be tailored to your needs in terms of covered benefits, deductibles, payout maximums, coverage maximums, and durations of coverage.

Quick and Easy to Apply
Apply online now. It just takes a few minutes! Click here to get started.

For those of you in states without STM, we have other medical plans for you. Click here

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