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Which Health Insurance is Right for You?

Short Term Medical Insurance

Ideal for many new grads, those between jobs, and others temporarily without coverage.

Short Term Medical Insurance is available in most states, but not MA, NJ, NY, and VT. It is not appropriate for people with pre-existing health conditions and is not intended for those who need coverage for more than six months.

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Permanent Medical Insurance

An alternative for individuals whose need is not temporary. Permanent Medical Insurance can also be used to fill a gap in coverage for people who cannot purchase Short Term Medical Insurance due to state residency or a chronic health condition.

We work with several partner companies to offer a range of permanent medical insurance choices in all states.

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Whether you have a temporary or permanent need for coverage, consider purchasing medical insurance to protect yourself in the event of an illness or accident. Because health insurance options vary by state and individual situation, we offer both Short Term Medical Insurance and Permanent Medical Insurance*. Don’t risk going without coverage.

Meyer and Associates works with several partner companies to offer a range of health insurance options to individuals and their families. These options should be among the many you consider when purchasing health insurance.

*STM is currently unavailable in MA, NJ, NY, and VT.

This Web site highlights the major features of permanent medical insurance, but complete terms are governed by the insurance policy. In any case, all coverage required by your state is included.

Dental Insurance

Simple, affordable plans that cover dental checkups and treatments.

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