Why are more travelers purchasing travel insurance this year?

Travel Insurance

Why Are More Travelers Purchasing Travel Insurance This Year?

The number of Americans purchasing travel insurance for international trips is on the rise…why?  According to a recent report by AAA, travelers want to protect their investment.1  With 4 in 10 people likely to purchase travel insurance for future international trips, Trip Protection is cited as the most valuable benefit.  Trip Protection plans can reimburse for expenses caused by trip delays, interruptions, or cancellations, whether due to an ill traveler, travel companion, or family member.

When it comes to travel insurance, there’s no right or wrong answer, and with good reason—it’s not always necessary. Generally speaking, you may want to consider insuring your trip if:

  • It’s expensive
  • You’ve paid a lot for non-reimbursable flights, hotels, and excursions–because if you do cancel,
    you will lose what you’ve paid
  • You or family members have medical issues that could emerge or flare up causing you to stay home
  • You’re traveling to a region prone to hurricanes, tsunamis, or even the threat of political upheaval

Keep the following in mind when considering a travel insurance policy:

    1. It can cover your baggage and your personal effects.

    2. It’s often modestly priced.

      You can cover a 10-day, $5,000 trip to Italy for $237.2 If you end up having to cancel, you’ll only lose the premium you paid.

    3. It can help if you have an unpredictable job.

      Do you have a crazy boss who might cancel your vacation time? No worries – Travel insurance can cover you if you are suddenly required to work.

    4. It can help even if your accommodations are “free.”

      If Uncle George plans to host you at his Florida condo, but falls and breaks his leg the week before you are to arrive, you may need to cancel your trip. Is this covered? In many cases, yes.

    5. Delays can be expensive.

      Many policies cover the purchase of necessary clothing and other personal items if your luggage is delayed more than 12 hours.  They’ll also cover some of your travel costs if travel is interrupted and you miss flights or are charged for hotel rooms.  Some plans even cover additional childcare or dog boarding fees if your return home is delayed.

    6. It’s your an ace in the hole: Cancel For Any Reason.

      Yep, pretty much ANY REASON.  Many policies allow you to add this on (for a fee, of course), and then you CAN actually cancel for any reason. You may not get all of your money back, but if something occurs that causes you to cancel your trip, you won’t be left high and dry.

Before your next trip, spend a little time looking through our Travel insurance options, and take the time to read the Certificates. You may be surprised at some of the lesser-known benefits that could make a big difference to you.

Happy, worry-free travels!

1 https://newsroom.aaa.com/tag/travel-insurance
2 Premium quote for a 48-year old

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