A Disability Could be Financially Devastating

Long Term Disability

A Disability Could be Financially Devastating

Most of us have Life insurance to protect our families should the unthinkable happen.  But what if life throws you a different kind of curveball, and you find yourself unable to work?

When we’re young and healthy, it’s difficult to imagine being physically disabled.  Yet the truth is, a long-term disability can be just as financially devastating to a household as a death.  And while both death and disability could cost millions of dollars in lost income, the unfortunate reality is that disability often adds considerable extra costs.

Your income is the foundation of the life you’ve created, including where you live, how you live, the decisions around your children’s education, your retirement plans, and more.

It’s easy to take your income for granted, but if this income suddenly stopped, how would you cover expenses, maintain your household, and save for the future?  Considering that the average long-term disability claim duration is 2½ years, your current lifestyle would probably be at risk.

Disability income insurance replaces a portion of your income if you’re too sick or injured to work.  It’s the most comprehensive, cost-effective form of income protection out there.  And like life insurance, it’s fundamental to your long-term financial plan.  Even if you have disability insurance through your employer, a supplemental individual plan can ensure you’re adequately covered, so that during a time of physical hardship, you will be able to rest a little easier, knowing you can maintain your financial stability.

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