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See for yourself what our clients and customers have to say about us!

We’re proud of our outstanding client and customer service. But don’t take our word for it. Look at what some of our clients and customers have shared:

“I was very impressed by the service and care provided by Rob. He offered many options and explained each one with great detail. He was a teacher throughout this process, navigating all the vocabulary and policy options. I appreciated how promptly he communicated with us, checking in frequently to clarify information and to keep us updated with deadlines. His customer service was top-notch; he was transparent, truthful, and trustworthy.”

-Satisfied Long Term Care Customer

“M&A is one of the best partners I have worked with in my 35+-year career.  I have complete confidence in their service and guidance.”  

– Anonymous response from May 2016 Client Survey 

“Customer service work is a fine art. Employers can try to train their staff, but really, a service attitude seems to be more a blessing of temperament. That temperament has become even more invaluable over the past two years, which have weighed so heavily on so many people.

Well, Linda is certainly one of the artists. Even during financial transactions, she is clearly dedicated to optimal help, caring, kindness, and actual good humor. No advertising dollar can buy a better public image for Meyer & Associates than the sterling attitude of this member of your team. Please give Linda a comfy chair in the corner office with the ocean view and lots of healthy snacks. As Mr. Rogers told us all, “Look for the helpers.” I was very happy to find one today. Please give Linda my heartfelt thanks.”

– Mary, an Alumna of Georgetown University

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Alysha regarding the purchase of travel insurance policies for three of us. I can’t recall the last time I received such outstanding customer service! While Alysha’s efforts saved us a significant amount of money, that’s not the whole story. It was her initiative, perseverance, and speed that were so impressive. Her efforts went “above and beyond” and most certainly exemplified the idea of “delighting the customer.”

-Satisfied Lehigh University Traveler

“You walked me through all the coverage options and helped me get covered during a time when I was very stressed and distracted, and I will never forget your patience, caring, and honesty. You were really helpful, and I just wanted to say thank you.”

-Lisa, Smith College Alumna

“Monica, I wanted to follow up and let you know that the refund has been processed and the credit has hit my credit card.  I cannot thank you enough for the miracle you seemed to work to get this accomplished. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!”

-Jeanne Martin, Duke University Traveler

“We needed a high level of customer service and insurance options. Bob was fantastic, we can’t say enough positive things about him. We trusted him right off the bat. He was patient, he explained the process, and he and stuck with it for over a year. Bob has provided first-rate service, helped us procure the right stage of life insurance for our family, and we’re continuing to work with him on the whole estate planning package.”

– Jessica, Brown University Life Insurance Customer

“This was a great alumni perk to help with the process and cost of purchasing a home. I recommend this program for everyone!”
-Dana Castro, Stony Brook University Real Estate Benefits Customer

“I had a very helpful conversation with John about Long Term Care insurance. The call was more consultative than sales driven as he ended recommending that I keep what I have, which is not his product. I am very pleased with DU’s selection of Meyer & Associates as an Alumni Partner.”

-Judy McAllister, University of Denver Alumna

“Thank you for helping me with my LTD insurance. The dedication, follow-through and polite communication I received from you was fantastic! This is something that is not obtainable from a random online company. Additionally, the product and pricing are exactly what I am looking for. I appreciate you going to bat for me with the underwriters to get me the appropriate rating. I sure am glad you are on my team. Though the proposal last year didn’t work out due to the timing of my job change, you were just as responsive when I reached out to you again this year. I finally have peace of mind with a policy that I think is a nice fit for my situation.”

-Kiran Annavarapu, University of Pennsylvania Alumnus

“I am writing to express my gratitude towards Dian, who patiently assisted me through my application for insurance at your company. From the first call to enquire about your services, until the signature of my application, Dian helped me tirelessly in every step.  Even though I was confused and hesitant she was patient, courteous, and dedicated to help me every time.  I believe that employees like Dian can make a great difference in the lives of your clients.”

– University of Central Florida Alumna

“I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you. I know you had to personally do a lot with this, and it speaks volumes to M&A and the customer service you all provide. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!”

-Jordan, Satisfied Alumnus

“Thank you so much for your excellent explanations and perspectives! We are very appreciative and we’re looking forward to continuing the conversation. Meanwhile, here are five stars – you certainly deserve them.”

– Smith Advisory Services Customer

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Rob. I’ve been client with your firm for over a decade, and the customer service has always been top notch. However, Rob continuously went above and beyond to ensure that our process went smoothly.  From our initial application and contact via email, to several phone calls, a video chat, and interval messages along the way he kept us fully informed. He displayed patience and fortitude during a process when I believe many agents would have simply told us it wasn’t going to happen.  His care, good humor, and commitment to excellence is noteworthy in the field.  I’m grateful he was the consultant who saw our policy through.”.

-Kimberly, Smith Long Term Care Customer

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