Helpful Hints
1. Childcare. Include, for example, babysitting, chaperoning, and transportation you currently provide that would be paid to a service provider in your absence.
2. Tutoring/Home Schooling. Include homework assistance, etc.
3. Housekeeping/Home Management. Include cleaning, laundry, pet care, etc.
4. Food Preparation. Include grocery shopping, cooking, cleanup, etc.
5. Bookkeeping. Include time spent managing household finances, paying bills, preparing tax forms, medical claims, etc.
6. Home Maintenance. Include residential exterior maintenance and repair, appliance maintenance and repair, etc.
7. Yard Care. Include lawn care and leaf/snow removal.
8. Care of Others. Include assistance you currently provide other family members that would be paid to a service provider in your absence, e.g., elder care, transportation, shopping (if not already accounted for in the items above).
9. Other. Include additional activities you perform that are not included above.