Advisory Services – Life Insurance

Having the appropriate amount of life insurance is one of the most critical financial decisions you can make. For that reason alone, you should take the time to understand life insurance coverage and how it works to protect you and your family. We offer Advisory Services to assist you with the selection of a life insurance plan to fit your needs.

A professional insurance agent is available to answer your questions about life insurance planning and to provide details on specific products.

  • Do you need term insurance to pay off a long term mortgage or other type of debt? Advisory Services can offer level term insurance for periods of 25, or even 30 years.
  • Is there a special personal or business circumstance that requires an amount of life insurance in excess of $2 million? An advisor can help find a plan that fits your needs and guide you through the application process.
  • Do you have a health history or other life event that warrants an alternative approach to obtaining life insurance? An advisor can guide you to other options.

A wide array of life insurance products with varying degrees of complexity are available. It is very difficult to compare these products and make an educated purchase without the assistance of a trained advisor.

Let us help you—at no charge.

To speak with an advisor about your life insurance needs or general insurance planning, call 800-635-7801, or email Meyer and Associates’ Advisory Services at

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