Planning Your Long-Awaited Trip?

Travel Insurance

If you’re ready to resume travel, make sure you’re protected.

With many parts of the United States and the world opening up as vaccination numbers rise, the number of people making travel plans is mounting too.  As we emerge from our homes, there’s a pent up demand to travel and a clear appreciation for the benefits travel can provide. According to a recent study, people miss traveling so much that 76% of respondents surveyed are creating their destinations wish list for future travel even though they might not be able to travel yet.2

Many Americans have already planned domestic summer getaways, with nearly 50% of insured trips booked within the United States.3  Those planning international summer vacations are closely watching vaccine distribution and local Covid-19 restrictions at the destinations they hope to visit.

Regardless of your intended destination, travel insurance is a must. Luxury travel providers report that 90% of bookings since June 2020 have included travel insurance, compared to 58% in 2019.4 With risks like Covid-19, global warming, and security concerns, travel protection is more important than ever.

As you’re planning your next trip, be sure to consider your options.

78% of survey respondents want to travel this year as a way to relieve stress from 2020.1

Trip protection provides reimbursement if you must to delay or cancel your trip for a covered reason such as an injury or illness (yours or that of a family member), including Covid-19, or when your luggage is stolen or misplaced. Some trip protection plans reimburse for cancellations for any reason, including uncertainty about an upcoming trip.

Travel Medical offers short term medical coverage for those traveling outside their home country. It covers medical expenses that your health insurance may not cover when traveling abroad. Travel medical plans are available for individuals, families, students and faculty studying or working abroad, and foreign nationals.

Global Medical Transport offers an added layer of protection for travelers worried about illness or accidents while traveling by providing transportation home for medical treatment or to escape a natural disaster. International travelers may be covered by travel medical insurance and domestic travelers by their health insurance policies, but neither type of insurance covers transportation home. Global Medical Transport provides comprehensive medical transportation to your hospital of choice in your home country, including Covid-19-related evacuations in the 48 contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Cost Rica.6 Learn how a medical transport membership could literally save your life.

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Purchases of Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) policies increased by more than 500% in 2020.5

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