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Our program provides a wide array of support when buying or selling a home, along with a cash rebate! Now we’re providing guidance on how to navigate during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the real estate market, just like every other industry. Whether you were in the midst of buying or selling when the pandemic hit, or you’re wondering whether now is the right time to make a move, you’ll want to learn how the real estate market is adapting to the current situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly changed the process of buying and selling homes. While market activity has slowed, it has not stopped. If you’re wondering if you can buy or sell your home during the pandemic, the short answer is yes. But in these extraordinary times, it may require some creativity and technology to pull it off.

Social distancing put a stop to open houses and in some states, walk-throughs, forcing Realtors to get imaginative. Realtors are now staging homes virtually—adding furniture with Photoshop—and offering virtual tours. Some mortgage lenders are allowing for exterior appraisals and property inspection waivers. And when it comes to closing, many states have created online or drive-thru signature and notarization options.

If you’re looking to buy or sell, the timing may be ideal since there is less competition in the market. If you’re buying, it’s also a great time to apply for a mortgage while rates are low. If you’re selling, with people forced to shelter at home, there’s a good chance they will spend time perusing current listings.

Tips to Help Buyers and Sellers Stay Safe

Everyone should use caution when showing and viewing real estate during this pandemic. If you decide to visit or show a home in person, experts recommend the following, based on guidance established by the CDC and state governments:

For Buyers:

  • Follow the agent in your own car
  • Let your agent open all doors and cabinets in the home
  • Wear a mask or other face protection and gloves
  • Avoid touching anything in the home
  • Keep recommended distance between you and your agent and others

For Sellers:

  • Leave your home during all showings
  • Leave interior doors open so they do not have to be opened by the buyers or buyer’s agent
  • Wipe down all doorknobs and horizontal surfaces, and open windows upon your return
  • Consider alternatives to showing your home (virtual tours)

With the buying and selling process moving largely online, it’s more important than ever to leverage the expertise of an experienced Realtor. He or she can provide advice on everything from how to best capture the essence of your home for a virtual showing, to knowledge about things you can no longer see or experience first-hand. A Realtor can provide the support you’ll need to navigate unchartered territory during these unprecedented times.

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